Event - Malvern Walk



Words now received from the Chairman:


"A walk over the Malvern's was organised for the non golfers of 41 club by Sherpa Flower.  Five super fit 41'ers and one not so fit headed up to the peaks from West Malvern on a lovely Sunny day.  Having walked up 5 peaks I was told that the next one was the last one but this tended to be some what repetitive.  The weather and the views were spectacular.


We did manage to find a local pub at lunchtime which helped oil the muscles for the afternoon walk.  The final climb was at British Camp which Barry claimed he ran to the peak but I was somewhat behind and didn't see this burst of energy.


It really was a super day enjoyed by all but Barry complained of being stiff the following day. Our thanks go to Terry for arranging a good day out."







And from Terry:


"The perfect day.   A coffee and cake shop at the start, a pub half way and another one at the finish...OK we got there too early for the evening opening.  More especially, the nearest golf course was a very long drive and a 5 iron away!  The day was so clear and the view so extensive, the intellectuals in the group were overheard in a discussion about the curvature of the earth!"


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