Event - National Classic Car Weekend - 8th, 9th, 10th June 2018



Report courtesy of Chris


Several of our own petrol heads went off to Cardiff for a weekend of classic cars and seeing the hills, valleys, and some of the sights on offer!


There was the usual wide variety of cars and we met up once again with ex Shirley Late Knight Colin Turton - in his lovely 'E' Type Jag - and of course many others who have now become good friends of ours! We visited an old mine working, now a museum, the Welsh Whisky Distillery, and the Musem of History of Welsh Life, otherwise known as St Fagan's National Museum of History.


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1.  I parked up, to be joined by ....

2. ... Barry in his 'new' (old!) steed

3. This Gilbern ...

4. ... and Terry Cooper in his Bentley, only for him to be upstaged by ...

5. ... this magnificent specimen!

6. Several MGB's, mainly belonging to the "Welsh Boys'

7. Several good specimens parked up for the night 8. And of course we all adjourn to the bar! 9. The next morning everyone gets out in the car park to admire the cars! 10. We are all called to order for the briefing, and also for ... 11. ... the presentation to the National President of his ride for the day ... 12. National President Phil tests out his car ...

13. Colin Turton waved off to start the day's run 14. Ian sets off in pursuit ... 15. This lovely classic begins the day's run 16. Barry joins in ... 17. A lovely TR6 18. Some stop at the Tymawr Colliery Museum for a tour

19. The Colliery closed in 1983 and is now a museum 20. I join several others at a great viewpoint 21. Some other cars stopped to look at the view 22. Sunday morning dawns with 3 Jaguar 'E' Types lined up together. you don't see THAT every day! 23. There is interest in several of the cars, but none as much as ... 24. ... the beautiful Bentley, and also ...

25. ... the lovely little Gilbern 26. At the Museum of the History of Welsh Life 27. An old Ironmongers 28. A Cockpit brought in and rebuilt (found intact, apparently) 29. A good 'Olde Shoppe' from Victorian era (I think) 30. The interior of the shop.



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