Event - Joint 4 Clubs meeting at Stratford Races 13th August 2013



This was our annual 4 Clubs event, and this year we went to Stratford Races!


The first Race didn't start until 5:20pm, and the final race was at 8:20pm, thus allowing a 3 hour time slot for our expert punters to make real headway against the bookies.


Unfortunately it seems they weren't as well informed as they had hoped, and apparently no one came away with heavier pockets than they started with!

1. The punters share a joke as they decide where to place their bets ...

2. ... by studying form ... and the horses.

3. They watch the racing ...

4. ... and cheer on their favourites ...

5. ... but as the evening light fades, so do their hopes of a win.

6. One of the jockeys even fell off just to add drama ...





7. ... and although he seemed to fall in front of other horses ... 8. ... he was ok in the end.        



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