Event - Autumn Walk Sunday October 14th



The Autumn walk saw several 41 Club and Tangent members out for a stroll during one of the few truly beautiful days this year (so far!).


The Chairman in his wisdom decided he would grace another Club with his presence, although he was obviously very fleet of foot, as he seems to have appeared for at least some of the photo opportunities. He seems to have decided which is his 'best aspect' (in his own mind at least) as he has adopted the same pose in each photo he appears .... 

1. Our Chairman decided he would prefer other company to our own!

2. However, it seems he did manage to appear whenever there was a photo opportunity!

3. ... well almost ...

4. Oh yes, there he is again!

5. Can you spot him?!

6. A tasty meal was enjoyed by all ... drinks served by the Chairman, it seems .... !









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