Event - President's Night 28th January



There were a good number that turned out to celebrate Greg and Christine's joint President's night at Shirley Golf Club. A thoroughly enjoyable night, if a little different, and interspersed with some memorable - and in some cases quite moving - recordings from the events themselves.


Well done Greg and Christine! Follow the comments below by clicking on the first picture then following the pictures and notes through to the last one!


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1. Greg and Chris greet us all as we arrive

2. Table Chairman ready for action ...

3. Barry and Rachel

4. Gary, Tracey ... and silk scarf ...

5. Greg has to organise us when the siren sounds ...

6. ... and ensure we all get safely under the tables

7. Meanwhile, the local spiv checks out his black market lists

8. ... and Dave ignores the sirens to check that the local beer is safe from harm ...

9. Someone catches your Chairman off guard ...

10. Some of the crew ready for action : "what ho, chaps! Tally ho!"

11. One or two of the land girls weren't what we expected ...

12. However, the partying continued, and great merriment was enjoyed by all!


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