Shirley Late Knights

Welcome to the home page of Shirley Late Knights, more commonly known as Shirley 41 Club. We are a member of The Association of Ex-Round Tablers Clubs which is usually known just as 41 Club.


We are the 'follow on' club for all those ex-Round Tablers mainly from Shirley Round Table, and obviously others who have moved into the area. For their website please click here.


We have a comprehensive EVENT ARCHIVE that now stretches back over 13 years, plus a TRAVEL HISTORY that shows where organised groups from Shirley Late Knights have been to around the world ... well, Europe mainly ...

Who are we?

We are a Club with about 50 something members who meet regularly once a month for speaker meetings, the occasional devious quiz, discussions, outside meetings, barbeques in the summer, and generally trying to keep Shirley Round Table in order.


We also have our annual challenge match against Shirley Table taking part in something vaguely sporty (for example skittles or bowls), although not too strenuous. After all, we wouldn't want to tire out the youngsters, would we! This is known as the Cec Crossley Trophy (Cec is pronounced "Sess") and the holders have to organise next years event.


Our archive of Event Reporting now stretches back nearly 11 years! It all started with a photographic record of our AGM in 2005, and that year also saw the National 41 Club Diamond Jubilee Lunch and Shirley Table's 50th Charter!


Other notable events from subsequent years would be the National Round Table 80th Charter Lunch, visits to the Houses of Parliament and the European Parliament, the amazing World 94 Weekend we helped host, and the inaugural National Classic Car Rally in 2014!


Amongst all those are the annual International trips, golfing exploits at National as well a local level, and all the many outings and other events we have been involved with!


See where Shirley 41 Club have been over the years.


There have been trips to many places around Europe and our history page outlines these trips, including 'highlight moments' and in some cases further links to the actual report and photos!

Member's notices

If any member has anything of general interest, or maybe family members doing sponsored events, or anything else that might be of interest to Club members please forward to your Webmaster (you know who he is!!) and he will add the notice here!

'Third Thursdays' events!

The new calendar is now available - see the EVENTS DIARY link above - and includes all the many and varied activities and events your Council have planned for the year!


This year we also seem to have several 'Third Thursday' events to do if you wish, but none are compulsory! (although turning up to them with a cheery disposition probably is) Enjoy!

Millennium Way Walks

Jerry has agreed to organise several walks along sections of the Millennium Way this year all of which are in the EVENTS DIARY. They will be held on various days of the week, including Sundays, and could be daytime or evening.


The next one in the diary is on the evening of Wednesday 22nd August and will no doubt end at a pub!


There is of course the Millennium Way Walking Festival being held on 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th of September as well!

Web Masters Prize

We (well many of us) now also use WhatsApp so there may be another option on there for the best bit of (vaguely Club related) banter entered during the day or days leading up to the relevant meeting.


The next prize may be awarded at the Reunion meeting at St John's on November 1st (I will be away for the September meeting). I will try to make it a good one.

Chairman Barry Durman
Barry has now finished his year as Immediate Past National President, and is of courseour own esteemed Chairman! However, this hasn't stopped him travelling, and I'm sure there will still be trips for us to accompany him on
Platinum Privileges

You can still get a whole raft of money saving offers exclusively for 41 Club members!


These include a few thousand pounds off a new Hyundai (I wonder why we have this! Thanks Barry and Dave!!) to money savings off your utility bills and also hotel accommodation savings - don't forget, you need the codes mentioned in the newsletter to get your discounts!


Just look at the newsletter, go to the end of it and find all the links. The link to the newsletter can be found by clicking here.


Twelve of Shirley's petrol-heads went to the Prestige Garage in Bromsgrove, and even got to drive one or two of the Rollers!


Our joint camping weekend saw 5 couples enjoy the sunshine - and England quarter final - near Wem!


 Report is still being prepared. Too many photos to produce it quickly!

Previous 2017-18 events
Paul concluded his successful year and then handed the Chairmanship over to Barry, who managed to persuade Rex into taking up the Vice Chairman's Chain!
The Ladies were treated to an evening out at 'The Limes', a new venue for this event!
Our annual skittles match against Solihull was played in the usual competitive manner, with lots of fellowship! The reporter forgot to inform the Webmaster of the result!
Once again we headed off abroad this time to a very sunny Bordeaux. The main reason seems to have been to secure our wine supplies once brexit happens ...
Chairman Paul decided to take the boys out to 'play trains' for a day! Follow the link to see how we all got on, and who drank more than the rest at lunch!
Once again Barry organised a splendid trip out to Birdlip Hill and back!
Members from all 4 of our Clubs joined together for a fun evening of 10 pin bowling followed by a curry! There was even a magnificent trophy!
Our annual challenge with Table was held at a Frisbee Golf course near Leamington. A good fun event, we really should do more of this!
We maintained the Shirley tradition of a summer camping weekend including the usual Saturday walk to the pub, and a barbeque once we returned ...
We were invited to see a beautifully restored Tiger Moth aircraft and see the hangar where other projects are still ongoing. This was followed by a wonderful meal!
No less than 6 of or members headed off to Ilkley for the weekend to enjoy the surrounding countryside and attractions!

Phil Jones Trophy - Clay pigeon shooting. We had an enjoyable evening shooting at clays ... and some even managed to hit them! In the end the trophy was awarded

Peter Davis induction - At our first business/speaker meeting of the year Paul inducted Peter Davies back into the fold!




19th June - Events Diary updated to match the card


Diary at a Glance

The full diary for the year 2018/19 is now available, please click here


2nd August - Outside visit to Sarehole Mill


5th August - Birdlip Run


15th August (Weds) - 4 Clubs Quiz Evening


22nd August (Weds) - Millennium Way Evening Walk


31st August (Fri) - Golf Away Day at Kenilworth


6th September - SLK Speaker Meeting, St John's


7,8,9,10 September - Millennium Way Walking Festival


7, 8, 9 September - National Caravanning and Camping Weekend, Oxford












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