Shirley Late Knights Forthcoming Events



Last updated Sunday, 01 March 2020 .... the diary for 2018-2019 is approaching the end of its run, but the preliminary diary for 2019-20 has now been received from the Vice Chairman! (let's hope he actually gets voted in!) This will now be updated and added to as the AGM approaches and the year progresses!


The events diary page will continue to be updated fairly regularly as long as updates are actually given or sent to the Webmaster. It will also include those Tangent events that are known. Further, I will also include Round Table and Circle events where necessary or events of possible interest! Hopefully no one can complain about not being informed of what's on!


If you want to see what the Shirley Round Table Diary looks like, CLICK HERE (although a little of it is already included within our diary)