2016-2017 - Chairman - Nigel Mears


Incoming Chairman Nigel's opening address


The start of another year and it seems to have come round very quickly since last year when the Vice Chairman's gong was put round my neck. I just hope I can follow on from the very good year we have had under Ian's leadership.


We may have a slightly lower focus on cars this year. As for the rest, I will issue the calendar of events shortly.




Outgoing Chairman's End of Year Report

So another year draws to a close.

This year we have leaned how to handle our balls, seen how a proper car manufacturer and restorer works (JME Healeys), been to the races and lost our shirts (probably), and seen more old .... errr .... classic cars.


We've also lost our shirts again (!) in the Casino, mucked about in boats on 'the cut', been to look at coffin furniture (!), learned about wing walking, and even been abroad! (well, Guernsey!)


The Ladies Night was quite memorable, with Small Partridges being offered to some of the Ladies - not sure how they interpreted it.


There was even some golf played along the way, and we won against Solihull!

I think there has been a little bit of something for everybody - well, as long as they mainly liked cars!

Thank you.



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