2019-2020 - Chairman - Rex Smith


Chairman’s report:

The one innovation I started was the monthly “what’s coming up” email. Ten months of normality with more stuff and contact with Table. Great meetings, a wonderful Ladies Night, a visit to Madrid, a National 41 Car Rally and many, many more. Then the most extraordinary pandemic swamped us. In March we were locked down and after a few stutters moved to Zoom and an agreement with Vice Chair Bruce for me to carry on for about half the year and Bruce to do the next six months and the following year. We are nowhere near back to normal, but I thank all those in the committee who have stayed in post since the pandemic hit us.

Increasingly I am becoming concerned about the effect on our mental health of the social distancing now commonplace. One of our members has resigned with just such a problem and it is evident that this will get worse rather than better as we go into the winter. In my view we must use every opportunity to meet within whatever rules we live under.

Handing the baton to Bruce I wish him well and will do all I can to help.

I shall write no more as I doubt anyone will read it anyway!


Vice Chairman’s report:

VC is the easiest Job on the SLK Committee so, ‘
If you want something to do in 22’ please let me or Tim know.

Memories of the last 18 months have been overshadowed by COVID 19 but my outstanding memories are our last canal trip with a tunnel that seemed to go on forever and the Chairman’s BBQ where the team of chefs did an excellent job. The Christmas Party superbly organised by Paul and Flick also stands out with Alex’s dodgy singing putting a smile on many peoples’ faces. WhatsApp and ZOOM have at times been interesting but kept us all in contact, though at times content may need some self-censorship.

Immediate Past Chairman’s report:

Nil report


Secretary’s report:

Nil report


Director of Finance Report:

Report for 2019/2020 from Tony:

The year produced a small surplus for the year of £164 compared to a budgeted deficit of £833,
a difference of £997


The major reasons for the difference between the budgeted and actual numbers are:

Savings on meals

This is an amount that includes the amounts received from guests and reflects the fact thatnumbers booked in were lower than budgeted.


As regards attendance the saving is because there are 7 members who have attended 2or fewer meetings at St Johns, one of whom has no resigned.


We also budgeted for Round Table Chairman to attend all the meetings at a cost of £150 but Mike Edwards has only managed to attend 2, thereby saving £100

Surplus on Social Events

There were surpluses on a number of Social Events the largest of which was Ladies Night which made £120.

Savings on cost of speakers

We budgeted to have a very good magician, which we did have but we did not need to spend as much as we thought we would need to

Budget for 2020/2021

The budget scenarios are based on all meetings being Pay As You Go as members may be reluctant to attend indoor meetings due to Covid

It is proposed to set a budget of £25 which would give a deficit of £183


Entertainment Officers’ report

From Martin and Colin:

Visit to the Lockup in Birmingham

Visit to the Police museum in Coventry

Escape rooms

Visit to the whistle factory

Funky Golf

Outdoor Go Karting / Shooting

Virtual Reality experience

and Wales Weekend.


Sports Officer’s Report:

Nil Report from Andy


International Officer’s report:

Peter Williams reports it had been generally agreed that an enjoyable visit had been made to Madrid. Thanks must go to Dennis for organising a splendid luncheon in a Parador overlooking Toledo. Also, thanks to Keith for the travel and accommodation arrangements.

And everybody behaved themselves as true ambassadors should!


Journal Officer’s report:

Nil report


Speaker Secretary’s report:

In brief, Barry was pleased to have provided a variety of speakers throughout the year. He cannot remember who they all were but perhaps members can fill in the two blanks:

June - Viking Cruises courtesy of Dick and Shirley Tangent

July - Cannot recollect – it must have been memorable!

Sept - Ditto

November - Magician and Peter Davies on the Rugby World Cup

January - Claire Henley the artist – quite a few purchases were made on the night

March - Fieldings Auctioneers – he has had subsequent enquires from members

Webmeister’s report:

It has been a rather unusual last 6 or 7 months with only Zoom meetings to report which don't really make good web reports! However, I was sent a few items for the 10 months or so of 'normal time' before that ... whatever that was! Those reports and pictures have been included on the website.

According to Chris, therefore, check the SLK website and, in the words of his partial namesake, Sir Christopher Wren “Si monumentum requiris circumspice”. Chris goes on to say that “the website is really only as good as the content on it, and if I don't receive anything it is difficult to make stuff up! PLEASE send me stuff, and I will try to include it! I do have some ideas for a new format layout (while maintaining access to the old archive of events etc) but I cannot really get this started without SOMETHING to go on/in it!”


Meals Secretary’s report:

If I am re-elected as meals monitor, I will not be using PollsEZ to take bookings for future meetings



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